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OKC Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Eliot Sisson Wins Cases
Call or Text Now for a Free Consultation 405-406-4384
Payment Plans Available ---------All Major Credit Cards Accepted. Conveniently Located next to the Oklahoma County Court House

Sex Crimes

Do You Have Sex Crimes Charges? OKC Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Sisson Is Your Best Defense!

The mere charging or even possibility of a sex crime charge can destroy the life of the person charged. It is essential to have competent and experienced counsel.  You are PRESUMED INNOCENT. To have the best defense you must contact me at your first opportunity. After the police interview may be far too late. It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the fact that sex crimes in Oklahoma carry severe penalties.

Moreover, sexually related crimes can be highly publicized and often times cause the public to recoil in horror before there are any facts in evidence. Before the case has even gone to trial!

Charges Involving  Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

  • Lewd or Indecent Acts with a Minor
  • Lewd or Indecent Proposals to a Minor
  • Child Prostitution
  • First Degree Rape
  • Second Degree By Force or Fear
  • Statutory
  • By Instrumentation
  • Date or Spousal
  • Date Rape  (Alleged Roofie Cases)
  • Nursing Home Sexual Abuse
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Lewd or Indecent Acts with a Minor
  • Lewd Acts
  • Child Molestation
  • Oral Sodomy
  • Forcible Sodomy
  • Prostitution and Solicitation of Prostitution
  • Sexual Battery
  • Juvenile Sex Offenses
  • Federal Sex Offenses

Experienced and Winning Lawyer for Computer & Internet Sex Crimes

Robert Eliot Sisson is skilled at working with  internet sex crime charges. Mr. Sisson understands the methods employed by the  prosecution. Mr. Sisson Fights For You not against you :

  • Charges Involving Child Pornography such as Possession, Distribution etc.
  • Charges of Soliciting Minors Online
  • Unlawful Sexting
  • Unauthorized Transmission of Sexual Material
  • Solicitation for Prostitution using a Computer
  • Unlawful use of a Computer

Other Sex-Related Crimes

  • Child Incest
  • Adult Incest
  • Sex Offender Registration Issues

Sex Crime Conviction Consequences

Most sexually-related crimes are charged as felonies. As such, a conviction will likely result in felony conviction and the legal requirement to register pursuant to the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act. Sometimes a person convicted of sex crimes is required to do time in the penitentiary.

Child Pornography

Many years ago the possession of an image of what would appear to be actual child engaging in sexual activity of any kind was not criminal. The law that once made photographs and movies of sexual intercourse illegal had changed and people had not thought of the ramifications of child pornography.

Then it all changed when the argument was put forth that “there is a victim. Just look at the picture.” And in short order it was made a very serious crime to possess child pornography at both the State and Federal level. Punishment is serious. The government is very good at searching a persons digital life. As well as the simple drawer and closet search of a home.

The government must show knowing possession. More than one person has bought used computer gear and gone to prison for their monetary savings. It is dangerous to buy used computer equipment if you are not skilled. A person must report the child pornography to law enforcement if they accidentally stumble across it. It went from no crime to extremely serious crime. If you get caught up in a child pornography case youi need an attorney right now. Like now now. What you do or say can have significant impact upon what course your life takes.

We will discuss your case and potential defenses to the allegations. The sooner the better.

Please call me Before you talk to the police. Your freedom may depend on it.

Oklahoma Indecent Exposure Laws

There are two kinds of Indecent Exposure in Oklahoma. The lesser is indecent exposure by public urination. A non-sexual purpose. This is usually filed as a Misdemeanor.

The second type is Indecent Exposure for sexual gratification. This is fairly self-explanatory. Public masturbation, Flashing. Easy to understand. Sometimes very hard for the government to prove.

Defense Strategies

A Defense Attorney must believe their clients cause is Just. The Defense of the citizen accused is Just. Period. Robert Sisson is Honored to be the Attorney for his clients. It is a privilege to be The Lawyer For The Accused and Mr. Sisson takes this very seriously. Put simply Robert Eliot Sisson Cares about His Clients.

The first thing it to gain tactical and strategic understanding and to strive for control.

This can be accomplished by giving the client instructions and making legal demands of the District Attorney and the Courts.

For the Client I advise total cessation of discussion of the case. No social media comments or posts or replies. No tweets. No Nothing.

When I conduct my investigation of the case. I acquire police reports, Body Worn Cameras, Photographs, Video Recordings, Forensic Reports and Analysis and more.

Sometimes a Private investigator can work wonders. Sometimes an Expert Witness is required to be able to put the best defense forward. I have had excellent results with the proper use of Private investigators and Expert Witnesses.

Remember that a Jury Trial is a powerful thing. It is the blessing of being in the United States of America.

Just Please Remember that You Have The Right To Remain Silent. Use it!

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